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Last night I received a text from my granddaughter, Nana Kim. I got your note. The note she referred to was my thank-you for her Christmas gift. She, her brother and her dad gave me some wonderful-smelling, hand-milled soaps, and … Continue reading

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Of Bows and All Things Wrapped and Unwrapped

This was my Christmas present from my Grandparents many years ago. Well, not this exact one, but a plastic coin purse like this. Several were hanging on their Christmas tree, like ornaments, one for each grandchild. We got to choose … Continue reading

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Nana Kim’s Epic Gingerbread House Fail . . . or maybe it was a hurricane

I baked with my two older grandchildren before Christmas. Because that’s what Grandmas in my family do. It’s tradition – those activities that bind us as family, and connect us to our past, to a place or to a people. … Continue reading

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Hushed Moments of Wow

There’s nothing like mass on Christmas Eve. Luckily they’re not all like the year the organ was smokin’, and it wasn’t because Sister Bernadine’s fingers were really fast and the music was hot. After the organ was unplugged and the … Continue reading

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One Can Never Have Too Many Christmas Lights . . . Inside the House

The first Christmas season I was a single-parent, I went to bed one night and found strings of Christmas lights crisscrossing themselves from the headboard to the footboard. It was as if a giant Christmas spider had woven its web … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

I’ve been saying the words for weeks, but now I can finally say them in the Christmas season . . . and not have my friend Elena cringe, cover her ears and say, “It’s not Christmas. It’s still Advent!” For … Continue reading

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